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Katerina Schload

by on Feb.05, 2011, under Artistic shoots, Photoshoots

This started as a test shot for an upcoming campaign.  Katerina is fantastic to work with.  Hope you like this shot as much as I do.

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Edge Eyewear Shoot

by on Mar.26, 2009, under Photoshoots

Edge Eyewear & Myself are producing some cool ads representing DANGER on the work front.  A few out-takes from today’s shoot.  The final shot should be pretty cool!!!  Behind the scenes shot by my right hand man Neo.  Pleasure hanging out all day with the gents at Champion Fabrication!  Thanks for moving tons of metal around for me.  I want one of those cranes in my studio!

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Water shot for Theradoc

by on Mar.02, 2009, under Photoshoots

I’ve been working on a fun project with Suzanne for Theradoc.  The lovely Maryanne (one of my stylists) is now an official hand model.

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Miss Utah and Teen Utah Shots Released

by on Jan.27, 2009, under Charity, Photoshoots

Here are the images of the spectacular Miss Utah Laura Chukanov and Miss Teen Utah Tasha Smedley.  Good luck at National’s ladies!

Miss Utah 2009

Miss Teen Utah Tasha Smedley

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Captain Grant

by on Jan.05, 2009, under Photoshoots

Edge Eyewear was looking for a model that could pull off a “Sea Captain” look.  We ended up using my Dad (Michael Grant!)  Messing around during the shoot, without the glasses, we created this shot…

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“Secret Millionaire” Shoot with Gregory Haerr 2008

by on Dec.22, 2008, under Personal, Photoshoots

December 18, 2008 we were invited over to Gregory Haerr’s house, one of the stars of FOX’s “Secret Millionaire” show, to view the episode he was in.  Greg donated $150,000 total between three organizations and of course Melinda was crying throughout the whole show!  You can view more on Greg at Gregoryhaerr.com or www.fox.com/secretmillionaire/

Check out a shot we did for his webpage:

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Night Scene

by on Dec.04, 2008, under Artistic shoots, Photoshoots

I’m working on a new project right now (all in my head so far.)  It involves a skate punk, and possibly an old lady.  Went out tonight to test phase one of the shots.  Hope to have the final shot finished within a few weeks…hopefully it’s as cool as the h2o shot.   (click shot to enlarge)

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H2o Shot Finished Dec 1 2008

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Artistic shoots, Photoshoots

I started December on a high note!  I just finished the H2o shot I had been working on over the last two weeks.  My new pride and joy!!  Many thanks to Melinda for the styling and makeup, Jaylene for the hair and my assistant Neo for pouring buckets of water in the freezing cold until we got the perfect water texture shots!  Hope you enjoy…

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Jen’s Bridal Shoot 2008

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Photoshoots

In October 2008 I shot the stunning Jennifer Taggert, soon to be Mrs. Neria, in her wedding gown.  I don’t shoot weddings but her boyfriend saw me in New York back in January and asked us if when he proposed to Jen he could tell her the news that I would be shooting her bridals!  He said he didn’t know what she was more excited about being proposed to or the news that she would be shooting with me! LOL 🙂  We did some really cool pictures so I had to share them…

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Some of the 1st Pics of the Kids 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Personal, Photoshoots

I’m always asked how I got into photography, and I repeat the story of taking photos of my kids for fun, and realized I had a nack.  I stumbled onto some of the very first images today!  Thought I’d share…

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Canon Digital Fest 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Personal, Photoshoots

In September 2008 I was asked by Canon and Pictureline to make a guest appearance at  Digital Fest 08.  I bought my first camera, and lights five years ago from Berkley at Pictureline and had no clue that a few years later I would be the person chosen to represent Canon.  It was an honor to be a part of it and it made me appreciate my progress and all the hard work it took to get where I am today.

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Miss Utah Julia Bachison and Kate Feinstein Shoot 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Photoshoots

I had the pleasure of sponsoring and shooting the lovely Miss Utah USA Julia Bachison and Miss Teen Utah USA Kate Feinstein for the upcoming pageant program in September of 2008.  They asked Meli and I to participate as judges!  You can see more of Miss Utah 2008 at www.Juliabachison.com and you can see more of Kate and the pageant at www.missutahusa.com.



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Christian Audigier Shoot at Treasure Island 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Photoshoots

In August 2008 Meli, Kat Ward, my assistant Neo and I flew to Las Vegas to shoot the ad campaign for the new Christian Audgier club at Treasure Island.  Paul Rippen’s from B&P Advertising is in charge of advertising for the Light Group.  There were 70 people on set!  Big production…a lot of pressure.  Thank god Bryan was there to make sure the cast was having a great time (too much fun at times…!)  Looking forward to more shoots with Paul, and Molly Murray (producer) and the Lightgroup.

This is Molly the producer dancing with the talent for a shot 🙂

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First Food Shot for Chez Betty 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Photoshoots


In August of 2008 East West Partner’s hired us to shoot for their magazine.  I shot food for the first time!  Jerry Garcia is the owner and chef and we shot the pork tenderloin from his restaurant Chez Betty in Park City.  It was actually harder than it looks to make it look yumsky, but I am happy with my first attempt.  Would you eat it???

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Our Pics Reproduced by Chris DeRubeis 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Personal, Photoshoots

In August of 2008 Peter Lissner commissioned Chris DeRubeis to re-create and paint pictures we took of his wife Cass into pieces of artwork!  You can check out more of his work at DeRubeisfineart.com.  



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Kat Tesori Fitness Shoot 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Artistic shoots, Photoshoots

In June of 2008 Meli and I shot the lovely Kathleen Tesori and she won the Flex Competition a month later in Vegas and used some of our photos for it.  Take a look…


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Masha Kirilenko’s Salt Flats Shoot 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Artistic shoots, Personal, Photoshoots

In May of 2008 we had been shooting with the absolutely stunning Masha Kirilenko for her high end clothing boutique Fleur De Lis and also for her upcoming album.  I hung out of a helicopter to get some arial shots of her while Meli stressed because I was not strapped in!  

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Better Life Band 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Photoshoots

I had the opportunity to work with the talented Derek Ashby and the Better Life Band again.  Hopefully when they make it big they will still hire me for shoots 🙂 

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Shona Wins Maxim Contest 2008

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Personal, Photoshoots

In March 2008 Shona Barnthouse won a Maxim contest with pictures we had done together.  I hope you and your mom have fun in Hawaii without me!!  Congrats to her and I was excited to hear the news.

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