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I have spent the last 14 days travelling throughout Kenya with the Non-Profit organization Quiet Way. I’ve been traveling along side Ron Hatfield and a film crew shooting and filming the marketing material for the organization. We have been all over Kenya (10 flights, hundreds of miles driven) visiting possible dam sites, delivering food, interviewing people about their living conditions, as well as researching organizations that can provide employment to the people of Kenya.  We’ve also met with the Vice President of Kenya, Steven Musyoka, as well as other top diplomats.  It has been the most amazing experience of my life.  We’ve ventured into villages miles from any paved roads, visited schools, hospitals, and have even been invited into several homes for conversation and meals.

The majority of people here, outside of Nairobi and other metropolitan areas,  live in the most primitive conditions imaginable, but they have the most amazing spirt I’ve seen in all of my travels.  Several people have asked me what I think about this trip, and what can we do for Africa.  We can certainly help out over here, but the thing that comes to my mind is what can the rest of the world, most specifically Americans, learn from these amazing people.  People walking 20 miles to get a few days supply of water will randomly smile and wave as you drive by.  These people are remarkable, and I will never be the same because of what they have taught me.  So grateful for everybody that I’ve met, and for everybody that I’ve driven by for that matter.  Enough words… here are a few images.

Shot this in Kibweze.  These kids just ran over to me and performed.  Love it!

Kakamega – Enjoy each expression… priceless.

Stopped on our drive back from Kibweze to interview a woman on the side of the road about her water gathering habits. This family strolled up during the interview.



Mombasa – I had seen this door earlier and really wanted to shoot it.  Meanwhile, this man asked me to follow him.  He wanted to show me his dog.  So, by chance, I got the shot of the door, as well as a great subject.  It was quite remarkable really.  He then proceeded to show me where the toilet was…I wont show you that shot!

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